Tone It Up Tour Seattle

September 16, 2017

Tone it up tour 

This past week I went to the Tone It Up Tour stop in Seattle and it was one of the most AWESOME experiences of my life! Imagine hundreds of fit, beautiful woman all hugging, dancing, drinking rose… O, and WORKING OUT!  If your tour stop is still coming up I am so excited for you! I will be living through all of your IG posts! I’m taking this opportunity to share my favorite things about the entire experience!

The Community

By far my favorite thing about the TIU Tour was hanging out with so many TIU Girls! #SQUADGOALS As soon as I walked up to the line I could feel it. The excitement and energy from being a part of something bigger then you. Girls screaming and hugging when they find a friend they have been waiting to meet in real life for YEARS! It brings tears to my eyes thinking about the amazing woman I finally got to hug IN PERSON!

The best advice I can give you is to step outside your comfort zone and make as many new friends as possible!

I danced with strangers who soon became friends. I worked out with beauties as we became besties, and I talked with woman who are STRONG and POWERFUL. This community is truly a force to be reckoned with and you can FEEL it during this event! 


The Workouts

UMMMMM HELLO, Karena & Katrina? Jillian Freaking Michaels!?! Is this real life?! Not only were the workouts amazing but they were also challenging and FUN! Not to mention DJ Madds was rockin it on the turntables with some KILLER jams. Our venue was on a slant and holding downward facing dog and doing burpees on the downhill was NO JOKE! Want to talk about a sweat sesh?! Such a sweaty beast. Working out with so many woman was incredible. Knowing that we were all in it, and feeling the burn, together made it so much better!

The Activities

Braid bar, massages, bracelet making, and tons of free samples! It was so fun to go to every tent and see what was waiting! Plus at every station I made new friends. I even skipped the first yoga workout just so I could experience everything this event had to offer. Getting your hair done with your friends and getting a Zeel massage are both MUSTS! Don’t forget to make a bracelet and put your wish on the wish wall as well! This link has me freaking out at the braid bar. Braid bar!

Well there it is! All of my favorite things! This is such a sort moment so take advantage of it and connect with girls from your area so that you can meet up again soon and talk about what incredible memories you made!


Elise Lee Fit


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Elise Lee Fit is a Health and Fitness Major, Personal Trainer, and a High School Health and Physical Education Teacher in the PNW. She hopes to inspire others to live healthy lives and to show them how fun a healthy lifestyle can be! xoxo Elise Lee Fit

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