The Costco Salad

September 17, 2017

Everyone needs an easy lunch option that you can prep fast. At the same time, we still want it to TASTE GOOD! Three years ago I started eating this awesome salad and now there is no going back! I have shared it on Instagram and this might be the most frequently asked question I get!

What is that Costco Salad you always eat?

 I get these items at Costco but I have seen them at normal grocery stores as well! So here it is! The easiest recipe you will ever get!

Step One: Buy the Eat Smart Sweet Kale Salad Mix. Put it in a BIG bowl and mix all the items in the bag together, including the dressing! If you want to save the dressing for later or use a different dressing all together, you do you girl!

Step Two: Slice up 5 links of the Aidells Chicken Apple Sausage into small pieces and add them to your salad mix. If you don’t like chicken sausage use baked chicken or some other form of lean protein that you love! 

Step Three: Heat up one package of the Seeds Of Change Quinoa & Brown Rice Blend in the microwave for 90 seconds. Once heated pour it onto the growing salad mix. Yes, you can pour it in hot. The salad will be fine.

Step Four: Mix the salad, sausage, and rice blend all together.

Step Five: Divide the entire salad into five equal portions for lunch Monday- Friday!

THAT’S IT! It seriously takes me less then ten minutes to put this salad together and I am set for the whole week! It is so yummy and has just the right amount of protein, carbs, and fat to get me though the day! If you try this salad out let me know what you think!


Elise Lee Fit

More about ELISE LEE FIT

Elise Lee Fit is a Health and Fitness Major, Personal Trainer, and a High School Health and Physical Education Teacher in the PNW. She hopes to inspire others to live healthy lives and to show them how fun a healthy lifestyle can be! xoxo Elise Lee Fit

    1. I looove this salad. Thank you so much for sharing and making lunch meal prep so simple and yummy 😋

    1. Love this salad – can’t wait until I can actually utilize costco to my hearts desires!! Would love to see a nutrition blog on what you changed the most when you initially started your journey!

    1. Yummy I had there chicken meat balls just recently they are delish 😋 Can’t wait to cont. following your blog congrats

    1. Just made this salad tonight for the rest of the week… YUM! Thanks for the tip!!! And so so SOOOOO FAST to prepare!

    1. Thanks for sharing! I buy those sausages all the time and use them in a ton of things! I need to look for that salad mix!

        1. Thank you!! Love following u on Instagram. Can’t wait for more blog posts

    1. I love this salad! Thanks for sharing it on your IG stories, wouldn’t have discovered it otherwise! And congrats on the blog!

    1. I made it this week and it is so good!!! We have the sausage and salad at our grocery story but I need to make another trip to Costco for the rice… I only had one bag left!

    1. You are my fav person to follow for workout/nutrition inspiration. You have a way of being so down to earth but at the same time killing it. I think you sharing this last time that you had gained about 9 lbs, and you shared your actual weight and pics, it was so real and soooo what I had just done as well! Thats so realistic of what this TIU journey is like when you mix it with real life. I have 4 kids and am a stay at home mom with a super busy husband, i usually delete people I try to follow because they make it look too glamourous, and you have a way of showing your fun personality and how to get it done even though you are super busy. AND can I just say, I figured out yesterday that sams club (no Costco in our town) has the same kale salad mix and I made it just like you said except rotisserie chicken instead of chicken sausage, and it was amazing!!!! I can’t thank you enough. Such a easy win. I would love if you would share more “what I eat in a day” things. I am in a time of needing to lean up and really enjoyed your writing on that in another post. Thanks for being real!

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