About Me

Who Am I? Well…

Here are my stats! I’m a 26 year old, ex-college athlete, wife, P.E. & leadership teacher, health and fitness major, personal trainer, coffee & dog lover. That may tell you what I am and why I love fitness but it really doesn’t tell you who I am at all.

Here is my story…

I was an athlete my entire life. Born into a family of three girls, ALL of us went to college on sports scholarships. Just try to imagine the competition in that family! lol I was a track and field high/triple jumper at a Division 1 college and the captain of my track and field team.

Let’s just say I never thought twice about what I ate or how to workout until after I graduated.

I graduated, got married, and started my career, all within 6 months. Working out was not at the top of my priority list. I really thought my weight and health would just take care of its self just like it always has! That was not the case. During that time I gained 20 pounds and lost a lot of my confidence and sense of identity.


I reached out to my sister and she told me about Tone It Up. That was just the beginning. I ended up becoming a part of the most amazing community of woman that push each other to become the best versions of themselves.

That community and accountability gave me the strength to lose 40 pounds and become the most trim, toned, and lean that i have ever been in my entire life!    


The woman I have met through Tone It Up have inspired me to pursue my passion. That has lead to personal training clients, hosting fitness meetups, developing a workout program, fitness modeling, and now a BLOG! I am so excited to have a place where I can continue to share my journey with every single one of YOU!